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Terms: Genus: eremophila

Scrophulariaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 117 (1789)
Eremophila R.Br.
Prodr.Fl.Nov.Holland. 518 (1810)
Eremophila abietina Kraenzl.
Spotted Poverty Bush; Bull.Misc.Inform.Kew 282-283 (1925)
Eremophila abietina Kraenzl. subsp. abietina
Spotted Poverty Bush;
Eremophila abietina subsp. ciliata Chinnock
Southern Spotted Poverty Bush; Eremophila 624-625, Figs 312 c,d,e (2007)
Eremophila accrescens Chinnock
Eremophila 342-344, Fig. 170 (2007)
Eremophila acutifolia (Chinnock) R.Fowler
Taxon 70:582 (2021)
Eremophila adenotricha (Benth.) F.Muell.
Glandular-haired Eremophila; Syst.Census Austral.Pl. 104 (1882)
Eremophila alternifolia R.Br.
Poverty Bush; Prodr. 518 (1810)
Eremophila aluetina
Eremophila aluetina subsp. aluetina ms
Eremophila aluetina subsp. ciliata ms
Eremophila angustifolia (S.Moore) Ostenf.
Narrow-leaved Emu Bush;
Eremophila annosicaulis Chinnock
Eremophila 388-390, Fig. 196 (2007)
Eremophila annosocaule Chinnock
Eremophila 388-390, Fig. 196 (2007)
Eremophila annosocaulis Chinnock
Eremophila 388-390, Fig. 196 (2007)
Eremophila anomala Chinnock
Paroo Poverty Bush; Eremophila 521-523, Fig. 259 (2007)
Eremophila appressa Chinnock
Eremophila 363-364, Fig. 181 (2007)
Eremophila arachnoides Chinnock
J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 1:257-259 (1979)
Eremophila arachnoides Chinnock subsp. arachnoides
Spider Web Eremophila;
Eremophila arachnoides subsp. tenera Chinnock
Slender-leaved Eremophila; J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 1:259 (1979)

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