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Terms: Genus: isopogon

Proteaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 78 (1789)
Isopogon Knight
Cult.Prot. pxii, 93. (1809)
Isopogon scabriusculus Meisn.
Prodr. 14:276-277 (1856)
Isopogon scabriusculus subsp. lasianthus D.Foreman ms
Isopogon scabriusculus subsp. pubifloris Foreman
Fl.Australia 16:480 (1995)
Isopogon scabriusculus Meisn. subsp. scabriusculus
Isopogon scabriusculus subsp. stenophyllus Foreman
Fl.Australia 16:480 (1995)
Isopogon sp. A
Isopogon sp. Badgingarra (A.S. George 14200)
Isopogon sp. Brookton Hwy (H. Demarz 444)
Isopogon sp. Busselton (G.J. Keighery 11534)
Isopogon sp. Canning Reservoir (M.D. Tindale 121 & B.R. Maslin)
Isopogon sp. Darling Range (F. Hort 1662)
Isopogon sp. Fitzgerald River (D.B. Foreman 813)
Isopogon sp. Newdegate (D.B. Foreman 771)
Isopogon sp. Ravensthorpe (D.B. Foreman 1207)
Isopogon sp. Watheroo (D. Foreman 477)
Isopogon spathulatus R.Br.
Suppl.Prodr.Fl.Nov.Holl. 8-9 (1830)
Isopogon sphaerocephalus Lindl.
Sketch Veg.Swan R. 34 (1840)
Isopogon sphaerocephalus subsp. lesueurensis Rye
Lesueur Isopogon; Nuytsia 30:315-316 (2019)
Isopogon sphaerocephalus Lindl. subsp. sphaerocephalus
Drumstick Isopogon;
Isopogon teretifolius R.Br.
Nodding Coneflower; Trans.Linn.Soc.London 10:71 (1810)

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