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Terms: Genus: peltigera

Peltigeraceae Dumort.
Comment.Bot. 68,78 (1822)
Peltigera Willd.
Fl.Berol.Prodr. 347 (1787)
Peltigera didactyla (With.) J.R.Laundon
Lichenologist 16: 217 (1984)
Peltigera dilacerata (Gyeln.) Gyeln.
Rev.Bryol.Lichenol. 5:70 (1932)
Peltigera dolichorrhiza (Nyl.) Nyl.
Lich.Nov.Zel. 43 (1888)
Peltigera polydactyla (Neck.) Hoffm.
Peltigera polydactylon (Neck.) Hoffm.
Descr.Pl.Cl.Crypt. 1:19 (1790)

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