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Terms: Genus: ptilocladia

Callithamniaceae Kütz.
Phycol.General. 370 (1843)
Ptilocladia Sond.
Bot.Zeitung (Berlin) 3:52 (1845)
Ptilocladia australis (Harv.) E.M.Woll.
Austral.J.Bot. 265 (1968)
Ptilocladia glandifera Huisman
Algae of Australia: Marine Benthic Algae of North-western Australia, 2. Red Algae 367-369, Fig. 106A-C (2018)
Ptilocladia pulchra Sond.
Bot.Zeit. 53 (1845)
Ptilocladia vestita (Harv.) E.M.Woll.
Austral.J.Bot. 263 (1968)
Ptilocladia yuenii I.A.Abbott
Phycologia 32:452, Figs 6-10 (1993)

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