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Terms: Genus: wahlenbergia

Campanulaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 163 (1789)
Wahlenbergia Roth
Nov.Pl.Sp. p399 (1821)
Wahlenbergia capensis (L.) A.DC.
Cape Bluebell; Monogr.Campan. 136 (1830)
Wahlenbergia capillaris (G.Lodd.) G.Don
Sweet, Hort.Brit. Edn. 3: 419 (1839)
Wahlenbergia caryophylloides P.J.Sm.
Nuytsia 7: 63-67, Fig.1 (1989)
Wahlenbergia communis Carolin
Native Bluebell; Proc.Linn.Soc.New South Wales 89:23 (1965)
Wahlenbergia gracilenta Lothian
Annual Bluebell; Proc.Linn.Soc.New South Wales 71:217, 218 (1947)
Wahlenbergia gracilis (G.Forst.) A.DC.
Monogr.Campan. 142 (1830)
Wahlenbergia gracilis (G.Forst.) Schrad.
Blumenbachia 38 (1827)
Wahlenbergia graniticola Carolin
Wahlenbergia littoricola P.J.Sm.
Jessop & Toelken, Fl.S.Austral. Ed.4,1380,Fig.627 (1986)
Wahlenbergia littoricola P.J.Sm. subsp. littoricola
Wahlenbergia multicaulis Benth.
Enum.Pl. 75 (1837)
Wahlenbergia preissii de Vriese
Lehm., Pl.Preiss. 2:241 (1848)
Wahlenbergia queenslandica P.J.Sm.
Jessop & Toelken, Fl.S.Austral. Ed.4,1381,1383,Fig.627 (1986)
Wahlenbergia simplicicaulis de Vriese
Lehm., Pl.Preiss. 2:241 (1848)
Wahlenbergia stricta (R.Br.) Sweet
Austral Bluebell; Hort.Brit. Ed.2,593 (1830)
Wahlenbergia stricta (R.Br.) Sweet subsp. stricta
Wahlenbergia tumidifructa P.J.Sm.
Jessop & Toelken, Fl.S.Austral. Ed.4,1383,Fig.627 (1986)

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