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Haemodoraceae R.Br.
Prodr.Fl.Nov.Holland. 299 (1810)
Anigozanthos Labill.
Voy.Rech.Pérouse 409, 410 [octavo ed.] (1800)
Anigozanthos bicolor Endl.
Little Kangaroo Paw; Lehm., Pl.Preiss. 2:26 (1846)
Anigozanthos bicolor Endl. subsp. bicolor
Anigozanthos bicolor subsp. decrescens Hopper
Fl.Australia 45:455 (1987)
Anigozanthos bicolor subsp. exstans Hopper
Fl.Australia 45:455 (1987)
Anigozanthos bicolor subsp. minor (Benth.) Hopper
Fl.Australia 45:455 (1987)
Anigozanthos flavidus Redoute
Tall Kangaroo Paw; Liliac. [Redouté] 3(30): Pl. 176 (1807)
Anigozanthos gabrielae Domin
Dwarf Kangaroo Paw; J.Linn.Soc.,Bot. 41:256 (1912)
Anigozanthos humilis Lindl.
Catspaw; Sketch Veg.Swan R. 46 (1840)
Anigozanthos humilis subsp. Badgingarra (S.D. Hopper 7114)
Anigozanthos humilis subsp. chrysanthus Hopper
Golden Catspaw; Fl.Australia 45:455 (1987)
Anigozanthos humilis subsp. grandis Hopper ms
Anigozanthos humilis Lindl. subsp. humilis
Anigozanthos kalbarriensis Hopper
Kalbarri Catspaw; Nuytsia 2:181-183 (1978)
Anigozanthos manglesii D.Don
Mangles Kangaroo Paw; Sweet, Brit.Fl.Gard. Ser.2,6:Tab.265 (1835)
Anigozanthos manglesii var. flavescens Ostenf.
Biol.Meddel.Kongel.Danske Vidensk.Selsk. 3:35 (1921)
Anigozanthos manglesii D.Don subsp. manglesii
Anigozanthos manglesii var. manglesii
Anigozanthos manglesii subsp. quadrans Hopper
Fl.Australia 45:456 (1987)
Anigozanthos manglesii var. ×angustifolius Lindl.
Bot.Reg. Tab.2012 (1837)

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