Podocarpus drouynianus F.Muell.
Wild Plum
Fragm. 4:86-87 (1864)

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Conservation Code: Not threatened
Naturalised Status: Native to Western Australia
Name Status: Current

Brief Description
Amanda Spooner, Monday 3 November 1997

Tree or shrub (conifer), 0.75-3 m high, dioecious; female cone solitary, with 2 separate ovules; seed 1, with fleshy receptacle. Fl. Aug to Dec or Jan to Apr. White or grey sand, sandy loam or gravelly loam. Lower slopes or lowlands, near creeks.

Photo of Podocarpus drouynianus F.Muell.



Beard’s Provinces: South-West Province.

IBRA Regions: Jarrah Forest, Swan Coastal Plain, Warren.

IBRA Subregions: Northern Jarrah Forest, Perth, Southern Jarrah Forest, Warren.

IMCRA Regions: WA South Coast.

Local Government Areas (LGAs): Albany, Augusta-Margaret River, Bridgetown-Greenbushes, Bunbury, Busselton, Capel, Denmark, Donnybrook-Balingup, Manjimup, Nannup, Plantagenet, Swan, Toodyay, Wandering.