Mapping Primer

Banksia leptophylla

Each map in FloraBase contains a legend. Points are represented using a number of different shapes to keep track of records that contain verified or suspect locations. The following headings explain each part of the legend.


The light gray lines represent biogeographical regions as defined in the Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia project. The darker lines represent an approximation of the notion of botanical province as delineated by Beard (1969).

Specimen record

A record from the Specimen Database. The locality is taken at face value from the label data. We welcome feedback on any points you think may be suspect using our feedback form.

Locality checked

The locality of this particular record has been reviewed. It was shifted due to incorrect locality, re-identified or, alternatively, both identity and locality were affirmed to be correct.

Locality under review

The locality and identity of the specimen this record refers to are currently under review.

Locality unverifiable

The locality and identity of the specimen this record refers to appear correct. However, expert opinion suggests that the locality is highly unlikely for this species.


Our policy on access to FloraBase maps is available in our Copyright Statement.

Compiled by Paul Gioia; last updated on 25 August 2020.