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Malvaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 271 (1789)
Alyogyne Alef.
Oesterr.Bot.Z. 13:12 (1863)
Alyogyne huegelii var. glossulariaefolius (Miq.) A.S.Mitch. ms
Alyogyne huegelii var. grossulariifolia (Miq.) A.S.Mitch. ms
Alyogyne huegelii (Endl.) Fryxell var. huegelii ms
Alyogyne huegelii var. wrayae (Lindl.) A.S.Mitch. ms
Alyogyne pinoniana (Gaudich.) Fryxell
Sand Hibiscus; Proc.Linn.Soc.New South Wales 92:265 (1968)
Alyogyne pinoniana var. leptochlamys (Benth.) Conran ms
Alyogyne pinoniana (Gaudich.) Fryxell var. pinoniana
Alyogyne purpurea Conran ms
Alyogyne pyrrhophila Conran ms
Alyogyne sp. Geraldton (R. Davis 3487)
Alyogyne sp. Great Victoria Desert (D.J. Edinger 6212)
Alyogyne sp. Hutt River (B.J. Lepschi & T.R. Lally 2310)
Alyogyne sp. Hyden (G.S. Durell GD 127)
Alyogyne sp. Kalbarri (P.G. Wilson 6720)
Alyogyne sp. Port Gregory (K.F. Kenneally 2382)
Alyogyne sp. Rockingham (G.J. Keighery 14463)
Alyogyne sp. Shark Bay (D.J. Edinger 6212)
Alyogyne sp. Southern Coast (A.S. George 289)
Alyogyne wrayae (Lindl.) Conran ms
Androcalva C.F.Wilkins & Whitlock
Austral.Syst.Bot. 24:286-287, Figs 2, 26 (2011)

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